SPDE-120 Sereis

Product Description

SPDE-120A offers a scrolling advertising solution that is reliable, user-friendly and versatile. The product comprises a pair of integrated rollers , a main controller, a power supply unit and a handheld programmer.

Suitable for large signs: up to 18 square meter.
System speed: can be adjustable, max. speed up to 0.8M/ second.

More user-friendly - SPDE-120A is much easier to learn and use, thanks to the latest handheld programmer HHP09, which features a built-in micro-controller, an LCD display and a bilingual menu system.  
Built-in Timers - SPDE-120A has built-in RTC (Real Time Clock) and offers two user-programmable timers, which control the scrolling system and lighting system respectively (additional parts might be required).